Speaker Information Package

The information and video shown below will assist you to promote Bob's talk in your community or organization.

  1. Bob’s letter that describes his talk, and how it can help your community promote better youth sports for your children – includes an outline of the talk and testimonials (PDF file).
    Bob’s Letter, Talk Outline and Testimonials
  2. How hosts can market and promote Bob’s talk to sponsors, and using local media and other methods (PDF file).
    Sponsoring and Promoting Bob’s Talk
  3. A customizable letter you can send to organizations who may be interested in helping to host and/or sponsor Bob’s talk (MS Word).
    Letter to Host Organizations
  4. A customizable letter you can use to invite people to attend Bob’s talk (MS Word template).
    Meeting Invitation Letter
  5. Highlights of Bob’s talk – share it with others who may be interested in attending in your community!

Learn more about Bob's mission and how he can help improve youth sports in your community.
Contact Bob Bigelow for more information.