About Bob Bigelow

A standout at University of Pennsylvania under Hall of Fame Coach Chuck Daly, Bob's talent brought him to play for the NBA's Kansas City Kings, Boston Celtics and San Diego Clippers. Since that time, he has conducted hundreds of talks and hosted thousands of clinics around the country to improve how coaches coach kids, and to develop greater skills in young athletes. Bob co-authored the watershed book, Just Let the Kids Play.

"When I was a child, the vast majority of my sporting activities were in playgrounds and sandlots. Now, the majority of youth sports activities are organized and administered by adults …. The biggest problem in organized youth sports is very simple to explain — too many adults who want to compete through children." — Bob Bigelow, CNN Sunday Morning

How to Improve Youth Sports

Bob's key approaches for a better sports experience for children:

  • Design sports programs that meet children's needs, not adults'.
  • Ensure that every child gets meaningful playing time, up until varsity sports.
  • Make sure that coaches and volunteers are trained and qualified to work with young athletes.
  • Limit the number of games to prevent overuse injuries.
  • Encourage participation in multiple sports to prevent burn-out and enhance overall body development.
  • Avoid identifying "elite" players at young ages at the expense of later-bloomers.
  • Don't over-coach from the sidelines — Let the Kids Play!

Read Bob's White Paper: Tips for Improving Youth Sports.

Media Highlights

Bob has appeared on major TV shows including CNN, on local radio broadcasts, and has been quoted in major publications including Sports Illustrated and The New York Times. He has been featured in numerous local newspaper columns and articles. He has been a featured speaker at many regional, national and international meetings and conferences of organizations and associations concerned with improving youth sports.

Major Media — CNN, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times

Radio — WFAN - New York City, ESPN Radio, WEEI - Boston

Organizations — The Center for Sports Parenting, State Park and Rec Conferences, Major Youth Sports Leagues

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